Interaction designer Gary Boodhoo uses software, stagecraft and game design to make pictures of minds.

A Jamaican-born machine learning advocate and enthusiast, his work turns neural networks inside out to uncover a storehouse of collective memories. "When real AI transforms the world, how will human nature also transform?" Boodhoo asks. His creative practice records emotional connections to objects that viewers can no longer distinguish from themselves.

Audiences have described his work as science fiction cave painting owing to its freeform roleplay and psychedelic imagery. His video installations have appeared at conferences and festivals around the Bay Area. Boodhoo has a background in game development and is the founder of the design studio Synthetic-AF.


02017 NOIZE FLOOR Beyond Beyond. San Francisco, CA USA
02017 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 219 Design. Mountain View, CA USA
02017 LIVING.ROOM Soma Grand. San Francisco, CA USA
02017 LAST FESTIVAL Hammer Theater. San Jose, CA USA
02016 CODAME ART+TECH FESTIVAL Hotel Zetta. San Francisco, CA USA


02017 BCEC CAREERS IN GAMES UC-Berkeley. Berkeley, CA USA
02017 LASER TALK SERIES UC Berkeley. Berkeley, CA USA
02017 LASER TALK SERIES University of San Francisco. San Francisco, CA USA
02016 GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE Moscone Convention Center. San Francisco, CA USA


THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE Franchise Website & Storefront. Zenimax Online Studios
THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE Videogame UI. Bethesda Softworks
THE SIMS 3 Videogame UI. Electronic Arts
MADDEN NFL 2001-2005 Videogame UI. Electronic Arts