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Workshop: Visual Strategies for Neural Artistic Style Transfer @ If So, What?

  • Palace of Fine Arts 3601 Lyon St & Marina Blvd San Francisco, CA 94123 United States (map)

I'm running a workshop on how to apply the style of one image to another. We'll use the camera and the environment as an interface for personal image synthesis with a neural network. Presented daily 12-2p with CODAME at the If So, What? Festival @ The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, April 27-29 02018

Friday April 27 1200-1400 Workshop
Saturday April 28 1200-1400 Workshop
Sunday April 29 1200-1400 Workshop

Don't Forget to Breathe 1

Neural Style Transfer Template

Neural style transfer is an AI technique that attempts to apply the style of one image to another. For example, a self portrait can be made to look like Picasso painted it on a lazy day. Apps such as Prisma put this technology in anyone's hands but there is a point where the novelty becomes a toy. Without a pipeline to extend the image making into other creative practices, the outcomes lack depth. We need to go deeper. Attendees will run image synthesis in the Cloud and focus on narratives and strategies for making personal artwork. No programming experience is required. Exploration will be guided by prompted exercises

Bring a laptop and a camera (anything from a webcam to the Hubble telescope)