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CODAME ART+TECH Festival 2018

  • The Midway 900 Marin Street San Francisco, CA, 94124 United States (map)

I'm showing DeepDreamVisionQuestV4 at the CODAME ART+TECH Festival, a four day conference with workshops, talks and nightlife @ The Midway, San Francisco, June 4-7, 02018

Tuesday June 5 1800-2100 Video Installation
Wednesday June 5 1800-2300 Video Installation
Thursday June 6 1800-2300 Video Installation

This year’s ART+TECH Festival, codenamed #ARTOBOTS, examines the ever expanding and ever more tangible sphere of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. Through art, discussion, play and performance, CODAME probes these potentials.

By day, an interdisciplinary gathering of innovators will give workshops and lectures on the field's urgent questions and latest developments. By night, we will wander the imaginative terrain of interactive installations and performance.

Gallery Installations and Performances

  • Robot Love Robot Hate, by Mark Klink, is a meditation on our hopes and fears about robots and other artificial beings, as reflected in popular media.

  • Deep Dream Vision Quest, a psychedelic journey experience inside a neural network by Gary Boodhoo

  • The Soft Machine by the pseudonymous artist Norma Jeane, is an installation built on the absent presence of ShyBot

  • Illy: Primitive Intelligence is a semi-intelligent system powered by Web Audio API and WebGL created by Yagiz Mungan

  • Musical performance by Laetitia Sonami, groundbreaking composer, sound artist and technologist, known for developing new and experimental instruments such as the Lady's Glove and Spring Spyre

  • Time to Compile, a dance performance by Amy LaViers and Catie Cuan that explores the intimacies of humans and robotics

  • Aquarium, a large-scale, immersive, interactive, physics-enabled generative creature universe that makes music and becomes its own audio-visual show, by Marpi

  • Yoti: The Algorithmic Portrait Artist, an installation by Jean-Philippe Côté, uses salvaged 1980s pen plotters to draw, on actual paper, the likeness of participants using algorithmically generated squiggly lines

  • The Happy Valley Band, pop music as heard by a computer algorithm. Once Bay Area composer and performer David Kant translates machine learning analyses of pop songs into music notation, Happy Valley Band performs these transcriptions live

  • Janus, a volumetric film and VR experience by Marta di Francesco that explores the duality of time, the meaning of one's identity in times of transformation, and the interaction of viewer and virtuality

  • Looking Glass, an installation by Yagmur Uyanik and Joey Verbeke, explores the idea of self through the interaction between a robotic parabolic mirror and a viewer

  • The Butterfly Room, by Cynthia X. Hua, is an interactive projection installation where hand-drawn butterflies are brought to life using computer vision and AI

  • The Masking Machine, a performance by M Eifler, aka BlinkPopShift, uses recursive landmark detection to apply layer upon layer of digital make-up, building eerie distorted masks of their own face

  • Glitch Resistance on Metal, a series of prints and Touch Data Body X, an interactive installation, by VJ Um Amel, Laila Shereen Sakr, use glitch aesthetics to examine the materiality of power relations and infrastructure in much of the Arab-speaking world

  • Automatic for the Road, a film by Lewis Rapkin that chronicles the journey of technologist Ross Goodwin and his literary artificial intelligence as they set out to write the longest novel in the English language

  • 2.0, an installation by daevron, immerses audiences in an environment where music, as a universal auditory stimuli, has spatial coordinates we can sail to by way of a synaptic map and the winds of our senses


  • Ken Goldberg, artist and professor UC Berkeley. A pioneer in internet-based robotic telepresence and Cloud-Based Robotics /Automation presenting "Beyond the Uncanny Valley of the Dolls"

  • Jordan Gray & Cindy Clark presenting Matchy, a chatbot bringing the connect & collaborate ethos of CODAME to a global scale.

  • Amy LaViers, assistant professor in the Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and director of the Robotics, Automatic, and Dance (RAD) Lab

  • Catie Cuan, artist, performer and technologist

  • Liat Berdugo and Elia Vargas , co-founders and curators of 'Living Room Light Exchange'

  • John Campbell, prize-winning professor of Philosophy at UC Berkeley with interests in psychology, psychiatry and social robots

  • Brian Christian, award-winning poet, author (The Most Human Human; Algorithms to Live By) and journalist

  • Tanya Gayer, curator and writer.

  • Danielle Siembieda, ecoartist and Managing Director of Leonardo: The International Society for Arts, Sciences, and Technology

  • Raphael Arar, award-winning artist, designer and researcher at IBM Research

  • Evo Heyning, founder and executive producer of new game, interactive, live, VR & 360 experiences at Light Lodges

  • M Eifler, aka BlinkPopShift, artist and leader in XR design

  • Deanna Hood, electrical engineer whose work focuses on humanitarian applications of engineering and robotics

  • Piero Scaruffi, cultural historian with several published books on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science.

  • Alex Reben, artist and roboticist, exploring humanity through the lens of art and technology

  • John Campbell, award-winning professor of philosophy with itnerest in psychiatry and social robots

  • Meredith Tromble, artist and writer mixing drawing, performance, and installation.

  • Bruno Fonzi, Jordan Gray and Vanessa Chang, a fireside chat with the people @ CODAME making this happen!

CODAME runs not for profit events as members of Intersection for the Arts a 501(c)(3) and all proceeds will be split with the participating artists. [via]