Life, Art, Science and Technology Festival 2017

Video installation

San Jose, USA

April 7-8, 02017

LAST Festival


This interdisciplinary event originally conceived by Piero Scaruffi combines art, technology and science to help reshape the cultural environment of the 21st century.

Synthetic Interface Design + Code: Gary Boodhoo  Stage management and Event photography: Thea Boodhoo  Hosted by: Hammer Theatre

Personal encounters with a gregarious learning machine at the LAST Festival 2017 organized by SJSU in partnership with the Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge and Festival. Game on.

One of many test runs with the new studio setup


New development focuses on the idea of secondary video streams. Currently, the live feed has a variable frame rate, gated by the speed of neural calculation. These new secondary streams will be time-delayed for buffered playback, allowing further processing and integration.

Patch Notes v3

New AV rig for mounting display in portrait orientation

Multiple selectable cameras, each with options for landscape and portrait orientation

Multithreaded camera input improves responsiveness of motion detection

Post rendering effects and frame buffer tricks

Live configurations organized into named programs incorporating all relevant performance parameters