Science Fiction Cave Painting

DeepDreamVisionQuest is a neural image synthesizer that creates and explores multiplayer hallucinations. These science fiction cave paintings combine the memories inside a neural network with the uncertainty of the real world. Hidden selves and spirit animals emerge—you complete the circuit. The surprising truth behind artificial intelligence is that Mind emerges from the environment.

Exhibition + Comissioned Works

I make synthetic art using machine learning technologies for environmental and editorial applications. Custom work and comissions are available by appointment.

Magic Mirror - Traveling installation uses a dedicated workstation, display and lighting rig to generate machine dreams as interactive environmental graphics.

Illustration and Editoral - High resolution neural style transfer graphics for storytelling and brand identity.

Motion Graphics - High resolution machine hallucinations (Deep Dream, Pix2Pix, Style Transfer) rendered as a postproduction effect on moving pictures.

Prints - Limited edition giclée prints of contemporary mechanical psychedelia on paper, canvas and metal surfaces.

Talks + Workshops

I speak about machine learning for artists and provide hands-on workshops for discovering creative uses of this technology.

Human Encounters With a Gregarious Learning Machine - How and why I use stagecraft, game design and neural networks to make pictures of Minds.

Visual Strategies for Neural Style Transfer - This hands-on production workshop explores the use of the camera as an interface to neural image synthesis.


Help me go deeper

Creative Coding - Development stack is Python, OpenCV, Cuda and Caffe. Here's what I'm working on.

  • Expanded video I/O to support OpenCV image processing from HDMI and TCP/IP sources.
  • Asynchronous rendering to a common frame buffer which can be read for display at a consistent frame rate and made available to other image processing scripts.
  • Code review from an experienced Python developer.

Event Documentation - I need an experienced photographer or videographer to document live events including installations, talks and workshops.

Editorial - I need help blogging about the intersection between artificial intelligence and user experience design.

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